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Denise Barbato R.D.M.S.
Principal, Soundwaves L.L.C.
Soundwaves is an elite and highly specialized in office ultrasound service which is tailored to the specific needs of the physician. Our turn key service brings state of the art equipment and highly skilled sonographers to your office to assist you in providing the best possible care for your patients.

I have twenty-two years of experience performing ultrasounds. I am also available for consulting on any ultrasound related issues.  Please contact me so we can discuss the options that best fit your practice.

SoundWaves provides quality ultrasound service with an assurance that patients are treated with respect and courtesy. SoundWaves offers a powerful combination of the most advanced imaging systems and highly trained, registered Sonographers right to your clinic or office setting. Upon request, Board Certified Radiologists will review the scans and provide interpreted test results in a timely manner.

Our services have the potential to generate new revenue streams for your office at no added expense to the practice and flexible scheduling for your patients. By offering a faster diagnosis within the comfort of your office, the doctor/patient relationship will flourish. You maintain control of your patient’s treatment plan and retain patient scheduling, patient’s care and well-being, which is essential to the growth and expansion of any successful healthcare practice.

SoundWaves will grow your business through better, faster, and stronger in office diagnostic testing. Quicker treatment plans will be established, creating a deeper patient confidence, resulting in increased referrals.

Our Mission

  • Provide expertly trained and qualified Sonographers who undergo continued training and education.
  • Brand new, state of the art ultrasound equipment.
  • Board Certified Radiologist available upon request to review scans and provide interpretation.
  • HIPPA compliant web storage of images and results.
  • Eliminates outsourcing your patient’s diagnostic needs.
  • Greater patient comfort.
  • Ability for revenue gain for your practice.

We upgrade our equipment every
5 years.

We currently use the Volusion-i model extensively.

We keep abreast of the latest skills and hardware.



  • We maintain the service contracts and have a team of engineers always available should a machine malfunction.
  • We manage, pay and schedule the sonographer.
  • We provide the office with basic ultrasound supplies (probe covers, gel, cleanser).
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