Some of our valued clients

Vincente Silva M.D.
Dwight Bejamin M.D
Kathleen Goodman M.D
Amy Sonnenblick M.D.
Jacob Tangir M.D.
Nicholas Lambrou M.D.
Troy Gatcliff M.D.
Gil Aronson M.D.
Ed Phillips M.D.
Joyce Miller M.D.
Luis Roca M.D.
Michelle Starke M.D.
Elizabeth Etkin-Kramer M.D.
Laida Casanova M.D.
Guillermo Lievano M.D.
Cecilia Grande M.D.
Annette Pelaez M.D.
Rebeca Karsenti M.D.
Magalie Apollon M.D.

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Doctor's testimonials

Soundwaves is a high quality, in-office ultrasound service that we recommend to our doctors to improve patient care as well as generate revenue for their office

 - Nathan Hirsch, M.D., president of Femwell Group Health


Denise Barbato' s knowledge and attention to detail have added hugely to our office operations and our ability to accommodate the needs of our patients. Denise is not only thorough and professional, but also a pleasure to work with, as all of her Soundwaves team members.

 - Ed Phillips, M.D. and Joyce Miller, M.D.


We have used other services in the past and have found Soundwaves to be a better quality service.

- Gladys Beneito, Office Manager for Laida Casanova, MD.




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