For those of you who are still printing paper images and paper reports, Studycast is a quick and easy solution that will improve your management of patient data. At Soundwaves, we use

Studycast, a cloud based server that makes it easy to store, view and transfer images and reports. You can still print paper copies if needed, however you can rest assured that your

images and reports are additionally securely stored in a HIPAA compliant web based server that can be accessed with a login and password from any computer, tablet or smart phone.

Some of the many benefits to the sonographers, office managers and doctors who use this service are:

  • Previous study images can be easily accessed to compare structures such as the changes in an ovarian mass or fibroids.
  • If a paper report is ever misplaced, it can be easily re-printed from the database.
  • The images can be sent securely across town or across the country in seconds for a reading or second opinion from a colleague.
  • Reports can be automatically sent to a fax or your EMR
  • Images and reports can be securely emailed to a patient 

Contact us at Soundwaves if you would like more information on how we can help you improve management of patient data in your office.