As an ultrasound technologist for 25 years, I have seen many cases of misdiagnosis. Not
only can this be inconvenient for the patient, it can also be life threatening in some cases. Some
common findings that may be easily misdiagnosed or missed are: adenomyosis for fibroids, a
thick endometrium vs polyps vs. fibroids, polycystic ovaries, enlarged pelvic vessels for
hydrosalpinx, an involuting corpus luteum for a complex ovarian mass, a 2 mm polypoid
structure along the wall of a simple that may be cancerous, a 1.5 cm hypoechoic mass next to
the ovary that may be an ectopic, loculated fluid collections caused by adhesions that are
mistaken for a large complex mass.

I know that helping the doctor come to a proper diagnosis is an art that is found in the
fine details, and achieved by utilizing a deep foundation of experience and knowledge.
Soundwaves ultrasound technologists have spent several years working in either a hospital or a
diagnostic center surrounded by other technologists and doctors to help build their foundation of
knowledge. After that, most Soundwaves sonographers have then specialized in ob/gyn offices
and perinatology offices.

At Soundwaves, we know the importance of a proper diagnosis the first time. Our
dedicated, experienced sonographers are well prepared to do that. Soundwaves brings state of
the art equipment with 3D/4D capability and experienced sonographers into your office. Call us
today and experience the Soundwaves difference!