My passion for Ultrasound began over 25 years ago while working hands-on in the sonography field. I started off working closely with OBGYN’s and Perinatologists, which gave me an inside look at what these doctors were looking for when it came to ultrasound reports. Eventually, this early training would become a crucial stepping stone to founding my own company.

Ultrasounds are such an important tool for diagnosing uterine and ovarian pathology and analyzing fetal development. Therefore, most people are shocked when I tell them that while working in these private offices at the beginning of my career, I found that many patients would arrive with third-party ultrasounds that were inaccurate and extremely poor in quality, therefore, making it extremely difficult to form a proper diagnosis. Situations like this are what really began my passion for high-quality sonography and thus my company Soundwaves was born.

Today, my company focuses not only on providing the most accurate ultrasound reports and patient diagnosis, but also, hiring highly-trained and experienced, ARDMS certified sonographers and equipping them with the best ultrasound machines and technology the market has to offer. This combination makes all the difference. When bringing on new members to the team, I make sure to follow a very strategic protocol. Are they able to identify, and demonstrate knowledge regarding pathology in my prepared powerpoint of images? Are they on top of the latest findings and trends in the ultrasound world? Are they passionate about the work that they do? All of this lets me know whether or not a sonographer is qualified to work independently in the field. Once we hire someone that meets all these criteria, we begin reading through the Soundwaves handbook which contains structured training that involves discussing scanning protocols, discussing the proper way to describe ultrasound findings, and analyzing case studies. We also incorporate continuous training by meeting with applications specialists that will assure that everyone is up to speed with the latest techniques and technology, sharing interesting cases amongst each other and sharing information learned at conferences. All of this helps us to convey what we find in our ultrasound scans into an accurate and descriptive report for our patients.

Shortly after Soundwaves was founded, my mother was diagnosed and eventually lost her battle to ovarian cancer. This is what continues to fuel my passion for providing excellent service. I believe that everyone should have access to the most detailed and comprehensive sonography reports and that no one’s health should be at risk due to a poor diagnosis. Today, we continue on that mission, by donating money to the ovarian cancer research fund in honor of every single doctor we work with. This allows us to help make a difference, not only in the lives of our patients but also in the lives of patients all around the country.

Every day more and more doctors are taking notice of the incredible effect a strong and dedicated sonography team can make in their practice. We are so proud to be the best at what we do and we look forward to helping your office operate to its fullest potential. Join us today and experience the Soundwaves difference for yourself! We look forward to working with you.